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Interior Scholarship | Blog 01/2019 | Karolin Kull [englisch]

Bodies, senses and artifacts

Bodies, senses and artifacts

The semester has begun in a new environment, in Rhode Island School of Design.

One course I have taken conducts an investigation on human factors, by syllabus “The relationship between the bodies and senses and space in the context of architecture and interior design”. We are exploring how human interaction influences the space by choosing two activities, one for individual and one for collective, and combine them into one monolithic dual artifact.

Working with a sketchbook - something that I do a lot - has become my personal point of research and socializing has become the collective one.

Being in a different environment, my spatial behaviour changed – not having a “workstation” at home (a chair and a table) I noticed myself working on the floor. I observed myself transitioning from one plane to another and tried to translate my body movement into a solid form through picture studies. For the collective activity we worked together, rethinking the shape of our individual activities to accommodate socialization and modulation to our body-centric pieces.

Establishing a dialogue between the ground, seating and a working surface, through multiple trials, a dual artifact for this new situation was fabricated.

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