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Funding opportunities from the Sto Foundation

for Craftsmanship and Architecture

Whether it's circular building, paint technology or monument conservation: we support you and your projects on the building site, in the laboratory and at your desk.

At the Sto Foundation, we support young talents in the construction industry at the early stages of their careers. We are particularly active in architecture, construction-related engineering sciences and the painting and plastering trades. Our foundation programme provides individual support measures as well as project-related funding in an academic or trade context - with or without a call for applications.

Find out how we can help you too!



Are you studying architecture or something similar? Find out how we can support you personally or your project!


We also support projects from universities and colleges. You can find more information here.



We take you further - with competitions and workshops at home and abroad

Journeymen and Journeywomen

Here you can gain experience, develop your skills and expand your knowledge.


Find out how we can support you on your way to becoming a state-certified technician.


From the company to the university? We also provide financial support for Bachelor's and Master's students.