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Let’s talk Architecture – the November Talks

Live lectures by luminaries and newcomers of contemporary architecture

With the support of the Sto Foundation, the November Talks festival has been bringing established greats and newcomers of contemporary architecture to the lecture halls of renowned European universities since 2006. At the November Talks, visitors can expect small and large insights into the world of architecture: in live lectures, the top-class speakers take a pointed look at current topics, ideas and challenges in the industry. Afterwards, the audience will have the opportunity to ask questions and exchange ideas directly with the speakers. This creates an exciting discourse between practice and theory.

Prague - Fakulta architektury ČVUT

The lectures at the Fakulta architektury ČVUT v Praze have the motto "On Education" and were held in English.
The lectures are available here and on our YouTube-Channel.

Pier Paolo Tamburelli

On books, On buildings

Floating University Berlin

Learning with the Trouble

Dubravka Sekulić

Really Useful (Spatial) Knowlege

Lütjens Padmanabhan

Teaching Together

Universität Stuttgart

The November Talks at the University of Stuttgart were held under the motto "30 / 40 / 50 / 60 - looking into the generations".
The lectures are available here and on our YouTube-Channel.


30 / Gustav Düsing

Projekt: Studierendenhaus TU Braunschweig

*For copyright reasons, there are no recordings of this event. 

50 / Nils Buschmann

Projekt: Stephanitor Höfe Bremen


40 / Selina Walder

Nikisch Walder Architekten Flims

*For copyright reasons, there are no recordings of this event. 

60 / Dominique Coulon

Projekt: Konservatorium für Musik, Tanz und Theater in Montigny-le-Bretonneux

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These were the November Talks 2023 in Prague

News about the November Talks

Post-event report | Stuttgart - Minna Riska: Timber instead of reinforced concrete

This year’s November Talks in Stuttgart, which had the theme “Building without concrete”, were wrapped up by Minna Riska of MDH Arkitekter (Oslo).

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Post-event report | Prague - Taking risks with Eva Jiřičná

The second evening lecture in the “November Talks” series in Prague, bearing the title “Taking Risk - About the Art of Creating a Material World”, was given by the renowned architect Eva Jiřičná.

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Post-event report | Prague - Maruša Zorec: Unveiling the Hidden

This year’s November Talks, because of medical reasons, had to delay the originally planned opening lecture by Alison Brooks from its assigned date of 8 November, and thus will continue until 6 December 2021. Yet, after a year’s interruption, Prague is once again playing host to important, internationally known…

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