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Here are some documents that are available for viewing and downloading.

Image film

Here you will find the Sto Foundation's image film on training support in the painting and plastering trades

DesignBuild REFLECT

Here you can find our first book in the series: "DesignBuild_ Joint perspectives" by N. Pawlicki, C. Perschmann and A. Budde

Venice Biennale Lab

Here you can find the booklet for the Architecture Biennale 2023 in Venice

School color set

Worksheets for working with our school color set are available for download here.

Rot, rot, rot sind alle meine Wände ...

DesignBuild REFLECT

DesignBuild_ Joint perspectives" by N. Pawlicki, C. Perschmann und A. Budde

The first in a series of four books, "DesignBuild_joint perspectives" has now been published and is available free of charge. In this book, the authors discuss a joint DesignBuild hypothesis based on the field of tension between social transformation, architectural education and production.

At the interface between academic and non-academic environments, DesignBuild projects combine very different perspectives: They combine ivory tower with construction site, CAD drawing program with circular saw, students with non-university collaboration partners. They operate in the field of tension between practice, research and teaching. Against this background, the publication project DesignBuild_joint perspectives focuses on a collective reflection on DesignBuild as a method in architectural education by two of the central actors: teachers and students.

Venice Biennale Lab

Maintenance 1:1 Summer School 2023

The German contribution to the 2023 Architecture Biennale encourages participation and focuses on supporting the younger generation. The concept includes workshops for the next generation of architects and craftspeople that deal with the recycling, repair and maintenance of existing buildings. The Sto Foundation heeded the call of the German curatorial team and took young journeymen and women in the finishing trade as well as architecture students to Venice to learn and get stuck in.

School color set

In order to support the next generation of painters and decorators from the very beginning, we have reissued the popular classic for painter training. Our school paint set is specially designed for use in vocational and school training and further education. The 14 tubes (75 ml each) are filled with highly pigmented acrylic paints for brilliant, intense colors. With yellow, orange, red, violet, blue, green, cyan, magenta, yellow, black, ochre, red-brown and white, the collection is ideal for teaching color theory according to Itten or CMYK.

The school color set can be ordered via the Online-Store of the Bundesverband Farbe Gestaltung Bautenschutz.

We have created a few worksheets so that the colors can be used directly in the classroom.