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The skilled trades deserve support

Our focus: Painting, varnishing and plastering trades

Practical work, theoretical research or management tasks? The question of a professional future cannot be asked early enough!

Even during their training in the painting and decorating or plastering trades, young talents should be given opportunities for personal and professional development. Together with vocational and technical schools, we have therefore developed a range of support options. We accompany and support young adults with economic development needs on their career path.

The support measures, which build on each other, are divided into four areas - take a look at the support measures for the skilled trades in detail.


We take you further - with competitions and workshops at home and abroad

Journeymen and journeywomen

Here you can gain experience, develop your skills and expand your knowledge.


Find out how we can support you on your way to becoming a state-certified technician.


From the company to the university? We also provide financial support for Bachelor's and Master's students.