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Trainee plasterers en route to Tel Aviv

Prelude to facade renovation Young plasterers make the journey


On 23 March, the first group of young craftspeople travelled to Tel Aviv to work on facade renovation of the Max-Liebling House. Here is the team: the trainees, Maximilian Friedel, Riccardo Köhler, Selina Pallas, Robin Paschke and Kristin Weber. These apprentice plasterers were accompanied by master plasterer and trainer Jochen Drescher from Stuttgart. Uwe Koos, Chairman of the Sto Foundation’s Board, was on hand to provide the trainees with advice and practical support. The plasterers also got to know Ellen Kugler, from the German Federal Office of Construction and Business Director of the White City in the Tel Aviv office.

The charitable Sto Foundation is organising and financing the extensive facade renovation work of four German-Israeli teams, each of whom will be living and working together for a ten-day period in the city between the end of March and mid-May 2019. The plan is for three teams of five trainee plasterers from the vocational training school and the vocational training centre in Leonberg to each work for one week on the facade of the Max-Liebling House. After the cracks have been renovated and any damaged plasterwork has been touched up, seven trainee painters & decorators from seven German vocational training schools will apply a gleaming new coat of paintwork to the facade.