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Successful first week at the Max-Liebling House

The first group of trainee plasterers sums up its experience to date


This first week of German-Israeli collaboration at the Max-Liebling House in Tel Aviv is drawing to a close. On the last day of work for the first team of plasterers, they were scheduled to tackle completion work on the facade. In addition, all participants and their supervisors took the opportunity to exchange views about the progress made on the project up to this time. Uwe Koos, Chairman of the Foundation Board, spoke with Christoph Strohschneider, Director of the Federal Office of Construction in Mainz, and with Jochen Drescher, the Senior Training Supervisor at the vocational training centre in Leonberg, about progress made to date on the plastering work at the Max-Liebling House. Together with the Israeli trainees Benjamin June Eiger and Daniel Goldreich, the employment prospects for plasterers in Germany and Israel were discussed. Anne Bambauer, Foundation Council appointee for the Sto Foundation, spoke with architect Dr. Jeremie Hoffmann, Director of the National Monument Office of the City Authorities of Tel Aviv about the White City Center and about the administration of listed buildings.

From 29 to 31 March, the accompanying cultural programme takes place at which the German plasterers have an opportunity to get an impression of the country of Israel away from the construction site.

All of these interviews will soon be available on the Foundation’s YouTube channel.

Each of the three teams of five trainee plasterers from the vocational training school and the multi-company training centre in Leonberg works for one week on the facade of the Max-Liebling House, renovating cracks and upgrading the plaster. Seven trainee painters & decorators from various German vocational training schools are working on the new paintwork. Each team is supplemented by five young Israeli craftspeople. This brings in trainees from the ‘Israel Antiquities Authority’. A class of architecture students from Bezalel University in Jerusalem is also interested. After the workshop session, the trainees from Germany gain an initial impression of Israel in an accompanying cultural programme.