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Review | Farshid Moussavi at the November Talks 2017 in Prague

Architecture is a form of activism

Architecture is just another form of activism, said Farshid Moussavi, the British architect with Iranian roots, in describing her last lecture of this year’s November Talks.

In the historic interior of the Bethlehem Chapel, she only presented three of the buildings from her portfolio (but those in great detail): the museum in Cleveland as well as residential complexes in Nanterre and Montpellier. She demonstrated that architecture is not just limited to designing space, even though the work of architects is influenced by the plans of developers as well as political and economic conditions.

She described her attitude as “micropolitics” and it’s about something that seems simple: to create the best and most original design possible based on the conditions and specific restrictions that are given.

Interview with Farshid Moussavi

The Video can be found on our YouTube-Channel.

November Talks

The successful “November Reihen”, a lecture series on contemporary architecture, has been funded by the non-profit Sto Foundation since its launch in 2006. Stuttgart, Graz, Milan, Paris, Prague and London are the six venues . Exciting work reports by renowned architects can be experienced there.