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Interior Scholarship | Blog | Naomi Rossignol

Climathon 2017 | Green Village at the Technical University of Delft

Image: Sto-Stiftung / AIT / Bettina Theuerkauf

Of all the professional experiences I had this year, the most intense adventure was participating in the Climathon. This worldwide 24-hour competition, located in “The Green Village” of the Technical University of Delft and organized by Climate-KIC, revolved around finding solutions for the climate. Motivated students, professionals and teachers, coming from various backgrounds, gathered to find solutions for the future. This year, the Netherlands, one participants among more than 100 other countries, had the task to work on the theme of Energy. Teams were formed and assigned specific existing spaces. Thus, I ended up working in a team all night long, finding and developing smart energy efficiency solutions for the Aula conference building located on the TU Delft campus, designed by the Dutch team Van Den Broek and Bakema in the style of brutalist architecture.

During these 24 hours, all our energy went into analysing, exchanging, drawing, erasing, modelling, writing... - along the way, being coached by professionals and teachers - to finally present our project in front of a high-level expert jury. The 5 projects developed by the 40 participants were very diverse and promising.

My team ended up winning the competition with our project NICHE (Non-Invasive Central Heat Exchange)! The next step is to pitch the project on upcoming events in January and to get help from professors of the Technical University of Delft to further develop the project. What made the competition so special was the fact that we had to race against time. This had a direct influence on our working method. We divided the tasks and assigned parts to team members based on each person’s competence and communication efficiency. We had to be clear and critical in the process and eventually be convincing and stay sharp during the final 3-minute presentation.

About Naomi Rossignol

Naomi Rossignol was born in Hong Kong. She studies interior architecture and furniture design at the Royal Academy of Art in Den Haag (NL) since 2014. At the beginning of her studies she attended a one-year art preparatory course in Paris.

After graduating from high school (“BAC”) in 2013, the scholarship holder travelled to Thailand, taking part at the "Rotary International Youth Program". Her interest in travelling, art, dancing, meditation and tai chi pervades her life in a combined manner: as a hostess at the Martel Greiner Gallery in Paris, a two-month dance course in Australia or her participation at a workshop at the Biennale Interieur (BE) as well as at competitions such as the Solar Decathlon Europe. By taking those opportunities she gained significant experience in various areas. In addition, Naomi Rossignol is very interested in languages and speaks five languages at different levels.