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DesignBuild: Sto Foundation announces competitions for 2022

Three grant opportunities for architecture students

One of the primary goals of the non-profit Sto Foundation is to assist budding architects. The support for student-run DesignBuild projects is a key part of this endeavour. In 2022, the Sto Foundation will once again hold competitions in the three DesignBuild disciplines of "DesignBuild Project", "DesignBuild Research" and "DesignBuild Reflect". Applications are now being accepted until the closing date of 28 February 2022.

"The 'DesignBuild' learning and teaching method combines tangible designs and the construction of (usually) social buildings across the globe. The projects we are funding as part of it are intended to raise the awareness of sustainable construction methods and foster an open world view", explains TU Berlin professor Ralf Pasel, Foundation Council Member for Architecture of the Sto Foundation. "The submissions from previous years have demonstrated how well students are able to breathe life into this task". Building on past successes and exciting topics, the Sto Foundation once again offers competitions in the three DesignBuild disciplines "DesignBuild Project", "DesignBuild Research" and "DesignBuild Reflect" in 2022. A total grant amount of €250,000 awaits the winners.

"The 'DesignBuild Project', through which we have been supporting student-run do-it-yourself projects all over the planet, is and remains the classic discipline and the heart of this competition", explains Pasel. "With 'DesignBuild Research', we want to support research and training research projects and allow young talents to pursue their technical, design or process ideas". It does not matter whether this involves basic theoretical research or the development of methods, models and technologies for a specific application. "The 'DesignBuild Reflect' competition focuses on theory-building and cross-project questions", explains the Foundation Council Member. The subjects of the reflection are big-picture associations that are not tied to individual projects. For example, it allows established DesignBuild teaching and learning methods to be questioned, theoretical and practical requirements and their attainment to be evaluated or specific project topics to be be discussed. Comparative project studies (in terms of something along the lines of "lessons learned") are also an option. We know that DesignBuild Project participants have many diverse experiences and we want to focus more on those since they could be very important for planning future projects", he explains further. The Sto Foundation will dedicate a series of books to this exciting and future-oriented topic and thereby contribute to the establishment of a collective knowledge base.

The application processes have begun

This competition is open to all Architecture faculties and departments at German and European colleges and universities – regardless of whether they have received funding previously. Multiple applications, follow-up or repeat projects will not be considered. Participants can now exclusively submit their applications until 28 February 2022 at The jury will select the winners in March and applicants will be notified soon thereafter. "We are looking forward to many submissions and exciting projects" says Pasel. "I can't wait to see which exciting ideas will be submitted for the 2022 competitions".

You can download the high-resolution images here.