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BSZ (Vocational College) Leonberg and the Sto Foundation welcome young Spaniards

16 young Spaniards accepted the invitation to Germany

Stühlingen. Youth unemployment levels of over 50 per cent have been recorded in Spain for several years now. In order to, firstly, give young people from Spain a prospect in life with future-oriented training in a skilled trade and, secondly, to counteract the lack of young talent in Germany's plastering trade, employees at the BSZ Leonberg, headed by Walter Söhner, invited 16 young Spaniards to come to Germany. The invitation aims to give the guests from Spain an initial insight into the plastering trade. This involves talking to both companies training apprentices in Baden-Württemberg as well as visits to building material suppliers.

On 4 and 5 February, the Sto Foundation also invited the young Spaniards to visit the headquarters of Sto SE & Co. KGaA in Stühlingen in southern Baden. According to Uwe Koos, Chairman of the foundation, “The activities of BSZ Leonberg, in particular the commitment of Walter Söhner, cannot be rated highly enough. As it is important to open up career and life prospects to these young people. The Sto Foundation has now been supporting young people in the plastering and painting trades for the past ten years. For us it’s a mat-ter of course and an honour to support the activities of BSZ in connection with the young people from Spain.”

This initiative was also made possible with the adequate support furnished by the EU.

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