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Trainees insure trainees

The insurance broker SÜDVERS launched the ‘Trainees insure trainees’ project


Yet another project has arisen from the ‘Max-Liebling House’ project in Tel Aviv, financially supported by the Sto Foundation, to commemorate the centenary of the Bauhaus movement. The insurance broker SÜDVERS launched the ‘Trainees insure trainees’ project.

With personal commitment, Ms. Daniela Valcheva, a trainee at SÜDVERS, applied herself to the task of ensuring that the trainees travelling to Tel Aviv had all of their insurance needs catered for properly. She compiled a catalogue of appropriate insurance policies to cover the different kinds of work on this project. The necessary level of insurance cover was negotiated with the risk carriers and a broadsheet itemising their insurance cover was drawn up for the participating trainees and supervisory staff.

Through the support of individual insurance providers and SÜDVERS, it was possible to provide this package of insurance policies on an almost cost-neutral basis.