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Review | Jacob van Rijs at the November Talks 2017 in Prague

Urbanistic Connotations

This year's series of November Talks was opened by Dutch architect Jacob van Rijs, co-founder of the MVRDV studio.

Van Riijs presented a string of more recent projects to a full house at TU Prague. MVRDV's own office building, through which he explained Rotterdam's urbanistic connotations and why a construction boom was even possible; the world-renowned Market Hall, which had a 'Bilbao effect' on the city of Rotterdam; and the luxury office building in Amsterdam, the facade of which was built from glass bricks using an innovative construction technique.

His fascinating talk closed with a host of student questions. Jacob shared his greatest inspirations with the audience and also some notable tips for young architects. The superb lecture was rewarded with a long applause.

Interview with Jacob van Rijs

The Video can be found on our YouTube-Channel.

November Talks

The successful “November Reihen”, a lecture series on contemporary architecture, has been funded by the non-profit Sto Foundation since its launch in 2006. Stuttgart, Graz, Milan, Paris, Prague and London are the six venues . Exciting work reports by renowned architects can be experienced there.