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Interior Scholarship | Blog 04/2018 | Carlijn Olde Beverborg

The Elephant in the Room

When I was 13 years old, children's imagination gave me a fantastic idea that I wanted to share with everyone; what if we can use the movement of the dog wagging his tail and turn this into power to enlighten his leash? Ironically, this idea took me into the direction where I’m now, taking my first steps in the design-world. The combination of estrangement and humour is a present appearance in my work, through the use of untouched sensitive matters translated in a satirical outcome. Right now, I’m following the master-degree Interior Architecture at Piet Zwart Institute in Rotterdam, focussing on the combination of research and design. The scholarship is an incredible supporting aspect to explore the field of design.

One of the first steps in setting up my own design platform is the amazing opportunity I had to participate at During Dutch Design week in Eindhoven, where I exhibited my project ‘The Elephant in the Room’, a series of audio speakers, which is inspired by the metaphor of the same name – an awkward situation which is undeniable, however people pretend it does not exist. The project is an audio-visual alternation of intimacy and reticence, to show a dialogue between human behaviour and space. The three objects also known as elephants, are shaped as an embodiment of awkward-ness, which occupy your space as they gather at the corner of a room. The work compels you to think about the immaterial and your own personal occupation of space. Raw, tactile and fleshy, the objects struggle for their acknowledgment and presence.

The exhibition Ulterior showed the work of sixteen international designers from different art and design backgrounds focussing on a spatial trip to explore new positions on everyday modern life. If you would like to experience the presence of this Elephant in the Room, they will be exhibited again during Object 2019 in Rotterdam!

The next step in my exploration of the design field will be my thesis; questioning the invisible dense world of data-points that disperse signals and waves over the country through barely any surface to subsequently fade the boundary between your home and the outside world. We are currently living in an ecosystem of technology. But, do we have a choice to not live within the character of the modern invisible technological landscape? Can we choose to not live with any modern technology within our domestic interior?

About Carlijn Olde Beverborg

Carlijn Olde Beverborg lives in Rotterdam. She studies interior design at the Piet Zwart Institute in a master’s programme. She holds a bachelor’s degree in interoir design and styling. After her studies she’s planning to to go abroad for shorter periods of time to explore the design disciplines in other countries. In addition to that she would like to do a Ph.D.