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Interior Scholarship 2018/2019 | Interview with Stella Josefine Funk

The AIT scholarship of the Sto Foundation | Scholarship holders introduce themselves

Stella Josefine Funk is one of the four winners of the Interior Scholarship grant issued by AIT and the Sto Foundation. She also recommends the scholarship to other students: "Getting support from the Sto Foundation is a wonderful thing, as the jury sees your potential as well as your interior design skills. That is tremendous motivation." Foto: Sto-Stiftung / AIT

What exactly are you studying?

I study interior design at the RheinMain University of Applied Sciences in Wiesbaden.

What inspires you in your studies?

I am particularly impressed by how diverse the course is. From historical background knowledge right through to practical work - it covers everything. Most course elements are highly practical. Working on various projects using diverse materials is simply lots of fun. As there is only a limited number of students,

the small practical groups provide an intensive working atmosphere. The professors and lecturers accompany you every step of the way during the development process and have a genuine interest in your personal and professional development.

What does the study of interior design mean to you?

For me, all the creative arts come together under the umbrella of architecture/interior design. The potential is infinite, varied and exciting. The best example is the impromptu task for this scholarship. 100 students are given the same task and each solution is always different. There is much more to interior design than meets the eye. It also deals with senses and feelings. For me, my studies are all about exploring the world of architecture. And, with each project, discovering a little more about myself, too.

What are your goals and where do you prefer to work?

After my bachelor's degree, I have my heart set on a master's degree. After that, I would naturally aim to gain professional experience, and hopefully also abroad. If I aim high, I can see myself having my own office someday.

How did you hear about the Interior Scholarship?

The first time I heard about the Interior Scholarship was when I read a poster at the university. As you could only apply for it after the fourth semester, I initially didn't think any more about it.

What motivated you to apply for the scholarship?

After reading this year's impromptu task and immediately coming up with a potentially interesting solution, I decided I wanted to give it a go. If you believe in yourself and your good ideas, anything is possible.

For what are you primarily using the Interior Scholarship?

In addition to my studies, I also work a lot. This requires a lot of time and effort. The financial support will enable me to take care of things essential to my studies.

Which opportunities does the scholarship offer you?

Since my bachelor's degree will be completed in spring and I will only be able to start my master's in the next winter semester, I would like to spend the intermediate time doing an internship. The financial support opens up new opportunities that may even allow me to do my internship abroad.

Would you recommend the scholarship of the Sto Foundation?

Of course! You have nothing to lose. Also, getting support from the Sto Foundation is a wonderful thing, as the jury sees your potential as well as your interior design skills. That is tremendous motivation.

What other kinds of personal and organisation support would you find useful during your studies?

I personally think it would be amazing if the scholarship holders received a special subscription to the AIT journal. I'm a big fan of the publication and believe that all the scholarship holders would be very happy about it.

How are you going to continue in the next time?

In September, I will be privately working on a large project. It is based on the redesign of several municipal buildings for a total of eight church staff. I'm very happy to get the chance to do this. The sixth and final semester starts in October, and that is when I will be working on my bachelor thesis. I'm already very excited about the new challenges that this will present.

About Stella Josefine Funk

Stella Josefine Funk was born in Giessen. While she was at school, she completed a year abroad in Lawrenceville, USA. After finishing high school, she started studying art history. However, in 2016 she changed to the interior design programme at the RheinMain University of Applied Sciences in Wiesbaden. She will complete her bachelor studies there in February 2019. For three years, she has been volunteering in the "young adults" area of the Free Christian Community of Wiesbaden. There, she contributes to the planning and organisation of youth work. She has also initiated various cross-community interior design projects. These include the concept development, planning and implementation of the modernisation plan as well as the redesign of the youth centres of several churches within the Rhine-Main region.

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