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Competitions and tenders of the Sto Foundation

for trade, architecture and construction-related engineering sciences

We receive many great projects and funding requests that more than deserve the support of the Sto Foundation. The abundance of applications for funding fills us with great joy: it reflects the industry's great commitment to young talent in the skilled trades and shows us that we need to take action. To ensure that our resources go where they are needed, we have set up various competitions and calls for proposals that cover different areas of support and help shape the future of the industry in a positive way.

Competition for the best

In the competition for the best, we support over 100 aspiring professional craftsmen for their good performance.


Painting is more than just painting. Come with us to the land of Dracula and play an active role in monument conservation!


Planning, building, learning: the student self-build projects promote sustainability and openness.

Ukraine help

We support Europe-wide initiatives and projects for people in Ukraine - both professionally and financially.

Funding is an important resource for driving innovative ideas and projects forward. Are you currently planning or working on an exciting project? Then you can also apply for funding outside of our competitions.