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Funding for architecture and construction-related engineering sciences

Thinking about the future today

The education and training of the younger generation is a decisive key to shaping a successful future. The following factors are very important to us as the Sto Foundation:

Knowledge transfer: In an ever-changing world, success is easier to achieve with the right knowledge and skills.

Innovation and competitiveness: A well-educated workforce is crucial for developing new technologies and strengthening the economy.

Social progress: An educated population tends to be more tolerant, more engaged and better able to tackle social challenges.

Personal development: In addition to intellectual growth, personal (further) development is very important to us. This is because it leads to critical thinking, strengthens problem-solving skills, communication skills and social competence.

Equal opportunities: Education is essential for equal opportunities. We want to help young people develop their full potential - regardless of their social background or financial situation.

We use the funds available to us to support projects and young people who are tackling these issues and working towards a social, sustainable and inclusive world of tomorrow.

Funding is an important resource for driving innovative ideas and projects forward. Are you currently planning or working on an exciting project? Then you can also submit a funding application outside of our competitions.