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Head & Hand - together on site

Learning from each other through exchange

Great things are created through teamwork. We at the Sto Foundation firmly believe in this. After all, it was the interplay between engineering science and craftsmanship that made the Sto brand famous. We take up this idea of cooperation with the guiding principle of "head & hand" in our foundation work.

Whenever possible, our sponsorship program brings young minds - i.e. students of architecture and civil engineering - together with budding painting, varnishing and plastering professionals. The change of perspective sharpens their awareness of the challenges and strengths of the other discipline. This benefits not only the next generation, but the entire industry.

How does it work? Take a look at our joint projects for future professionals from the trades and architecture!


Making life in the countryside attractive again together - we support the "Bauhütte SNDHSN" project

Architecture Biennale

More than just looking - we bring talented architects and craftspeople to workshops in Venice.