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Funding projects for young tradespeople

Learning in a pragmatic way

The Sto Foundation supports young people in their training as painters or plasterers. We pay particular attention to those who are socially disadvantaged or in need of financial support, but who are also role models for others thanks to their above-average performance.

We want to promote the professional training and personal development of graduates in equal measure. Today's educational landscape urgently needs impulses that bring theory, practice and the construction industry together on a constructive level of dialog and common interests. In this way, new products can emerge from close cooperation between planning, building contractors and the building materials industry, whereby experimental initiatives are often required. We assign these projects to our guiding principle "Head & Hand", which promotes communication between architecture and craftsmanship.


Painting is more than painting! Come with us to the land of Dracula and actively help shape monument conservation!

Tel Aviv

General renovation of a Bauhaus residential building in the "White City" on the occasion of "100 years of Bauhaus"

News about Head & Hand

["en"] DenkmalCamp 2023: Junge Menschen, alte Techniken, erfahrene Experten

Vom 28. Juli bis 06. August restaurierten die jungen Menschen im Rahmen des DenkmalCamps Räume im Pfarrhaus mit Wehrturm in Martinsdorf (Siebenbürgen).

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BAUHAUS renovation: Max-Liebling House takes on the role of documentation centre

German-Israeli cooperation in Tel Aviv moves to the next phase in 2020


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BAUHAUS renovation in Israel: The Max-Liebling-House shines in a new light

German-Israeli cooperation between young painters and plasterers in Tel Aviv ends as a great success

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