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This is what motivates the Sto Foundation

Thinking outside the box

UIn accordance with its statutes, our foundation imparts specialist knowledge to its target groups. The most important are the next generation of the finishing trade – future specialists in painting and stucco work - as well as students of architecture and construction-related engineering sciences. However, the foundation also conveys the famous "thinking outside the box" in almost all of its promotional activities.

What does that mean?

It's about the principle of „Head & Hand“: ": theory-based learning should be supplemented by actual doing, whereas a focus on craftsmanship in the training should be expanded on a theoretical level. What is important here is the personal exchange between the young people, learning from each other and mutual support. We do our utmost to promote these interdisciplinary, intercultural and international encounters.

Awakening curiosity

With our promotional activities, we want to spark young people’s curiosity for others on the construction site, through exposure and exchange knowledge, different ways of thinking and acting. We want to create a framework for new thoughts and ideas, we want to offer space for experimentation and research - regardless of whether it is about new processes, techniques or building materials that will make the construction and renovation of tomorrow more sustainable, more social and simpler.

Future-oriented thinking

For us, the people in charge of the Sto Foundation, it is always a matter of imparting additional knowledge, promoting future-oriented thinking, recognizing and improving economically difficult conditions for young talents. We reward the best performance and encourage active networking.

Promoting skills

We are certain that this strengthens the ability of those we support to place their own work in a larger context. They become more confident in their own actions and decision-making skills, as well as more aware of their own "effectiveness".

This holistic view of the development of young adults has been the guiding principle of our actions since the foundation was established in 2005 and remains our commitment for the future.

Stühlingen, May 2021
The Board of Directors