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Our support for projects throughout Europe

The Russian war of aggression in early 2022 brought suffering and destruction to civil society in Ukraine. From the very beginning, this injustice was followed by an equally great willingness to help on the part of numerous initiatives and institutions. It goes without saying that we at the Sto Foundation are happy to support this commitment - with a total funding volume of EUR 155,000.

We support projects from all over Europe that benefit Ukrainian citizens in general or families, individuals, young children, schoolchildren, the elderly or the disabled in particular and are related to architecture or crafts. 

The aim is to create humane living, living, learning and working conditions for the citizens of Ukraine in the long term and to (re)restore the building fabric. Where possible, we also provide technical expertise - for example with experience from the planning and construction of charitable buildings as part of student DesignBuild-­Projects worldwide.

Funding projects

The Craft Hub of the Institute of Social Policy of the Region, Kharkiv, set up a large workshop in which refugees in particular learn to restore the housing stock under professional guidance.

The Novomoskovsk City Council's Craft Center City of Artificers creates childcare facilities, among other things, so that refugee mothers in particularcan learn new craft and artistic skills. This training should enable them to set up new businesses later on.

Perspectives for young people is a municipal initiative of the city of Kiev that trains people who are not fit for military service due to minor physical limitations to become professional construction workers.

Special subsidies

Common (Re)Constructor of the Wismar University of Applied Sciences and Arts and the Technical University of Dortmund

Alternative Transportation for Social Workers of the Sumy City Territorial Center of Social Service

Welcome Harbour for Culture and Integration of the Stuttgart International Building Exhibition

Workshops with Ukrainian Children at the Czech Technical University in Prague